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Thu Oct 6 08:44:56 PDT 2011

Kenneth (and all),

I'm starting a new thread related to the Chicago part of your message.

Where in Chicago was your grandfather born?

I'm always interested in hearing about Germans from Poland that 
immigrated to Chicago. My grandmother Anna Kopp came there from near 
Chodecz (powiat of Włocławek) to join her brother. My grandfather Johann 
Radtke came to Chicago from Crimea to join his cousin, Wilhelm Radtke, 
who had just arrived from Poland (he was born in the Plock area).

They were married by Pastor Martin P.F. Doermann at Zion Evangelical 
Lutheran Church in 1905, and their first four children (including my 
father) were born there.

I have addresses for them and some relatives as well as the church; they 
are all in the areas of Chicago called South Chicago or East Side.

Susan Radtke Eipert
seipert2 at gmail.com

On 10/5/2011 5:22 AM, Kenneth Browne wrote:
> On 10/04/2011 10:56 PM, Albert Muth wrote:
>> For example, my grandfather was born in the parish of Przedecz, located in
>> the powiat of Włocławek in the Warszawa gouvernate, *143 kilometers* to the
>> West of the capital city.  While knowing the gubernia narrows your search
>> somewhat, records are not indexed in a central location anywhere in Poland.
>> (Many US states have always had centralized indices, though these are not
>> necessarily available online).
> In your example of your grandfather you've raised a question that has
> been in my mind for some time now.
> It involves the use of the terms, "parish" "powiat" and "gubernia" How
> do these terms compare to the birth information below.
> My grandfather was born in USA, Illinois, Cook County, Chicago and I
> even know the street address.
> His father's birth information from the SGGEE databases
> Surname       Given Name     Birth Day and Month Birth Year     Event
> Place
> Lachmann     Samuel             23 Sep             1865
>                          Roschischtsche
> Father                  Mother                Film or Item     Page
> Number     Register     Remarks
> Gottfried             Wolf, Julianna     1884089/1       666
>              113             Bereske
>   From what I can gather from all sources that I've found so far Samuel
> Lachmann was born in Roschischtsche, Volhynia (Helenow, Wolynskie,
> Poland).
> As near as I can figure it comparing my great grandfather to my
> grandfather it would be as follows:
> Poland, Volhynia (Wolynskie), Helenow, Roschischtsche(Rozysche
> The remark Bereske also puzzles me. Is it a place name? Which name
> would be the powiat. I haven't seen that term before. Volhynia is the
> gubernia and Roschischtsche the parish I think :-\ .

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