[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Golnik/Semrau families

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Connie, I have extracted Lipno confirmation recrods from 1867-1887... so 
I see your Anna Golnik born 16 April 1865 and confirmed 6 April 1879 pg. 136 
#105. She is from Karnkowo at the time. I do not see any other children of 
these parents in this time period.

There are 11 other Golnik children confirmed in this period, 3 from Karnkowo 
with the parents Gottfryd Golnik and Wilhelmina Schoenfeld.

I see also Florentine Krampitz born 1860 and confirmed 1874 pg 74 #65. Her 
father's name Michal is listed but no mother's name. They are also living in 
Karnkowo. There are many Krampitz families in the Lipno parish and many with 
the name Michal! You will probably find her in the Lipno film for 1860. 
Hopefully there is only 1 Florentine Krampitz born in 1860 with a father 

I have also extracted the first couple films of bmd from Lipno, but only the 
information found in the indices. On film #71854 in 1826 I see Elzbieta 
Semrau pg 23 #68. There are several Golniks including Jan Golnik born in 
1833 on film #714855 pg. 18 #107.

I hope this helps.
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I am looking to verify the parents of Anna Golnik b. 16 April 1865 in Lipno
Powiat, Poland, she was confirmed 6 April 1879, possibly in the Lutheran
Church. I have her parents as Johan (Jan) Golnik b. between 1824 & 1834 in
Barany, Lipno, Poland and Elizabeth Semrau (Zemrau) b. between 1826 & 1829 
Oleszno, Lipno, Poland. I would like to find siblings, if any of Anna's.
Also I would like to find the connection between Anna Golnik and
Florentyne/Florentine Krampitz. The family story is that they were cousins 
possibly Anna helped Florentyne with her passage to America.
One source has a Eva Semrau marrying a Michael Krampitz, but I have a 
mother's name for Florentine, when she was confirmed.
Thank You for any help you can assist me finding more information.
Connie (Bennett) Paulsen
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