[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] German Naturalization prior to emigration

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Hello Lorne,

You replyied direct to my email so I'm forwarding this to the list.


On 16 October 2011 03:28, <lbohn at shaw.ca> wrote:

> I have a similar situation.  My father was a German born in 1898 at
> Dombrowa, Worokomle, Kreis Kowel which now make him Polish.  His family
> moved to Dietrichsdorf in German East Prussia when the Bolsheviks occupied
> Kowel around the outbreak of WWI.  My father was drafted into the German
> Army in 1916 and fought for two years on the Somme.  Would that have made
> him officially a naturalized German citizen? Most of the records of WWI,
> German soldiers were destroyed with the bombing of Berlin at the end of
> WWII.  Does anyone know of a way I could trace his regiment?  He was a
> private and I believe he probably served in the 147th. von Hindenburg
> Regiment?
> Best regards,
> Lorne Bohn
> (Canada)
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> Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] German Naturalization prior to emigration
> Dear list,
> I heard that many Volhynians, when left that area, went to Germany and
> re-naturalized as German Citizens before they went to the Americas.
> One person whose ancestors went to Brazil at the same time as mine could
> find naturalization records somewhere in Germany, and his family came from
> Volhynia.
> Apparently, families would leave Volhynia and sometimes would stay in
> Germany for sometime before take the ship.
> Others, with less resources could not do anything rather emigrate straight
> away.
> To take my ancestors as example, they left Bremen in 1908.
> But how could I tell when they really left Volhynia? Are there any records?
> Are there any records specifically for Germans who came from
> Russia\Volhynia
> circa 1908?
> Best regards
> Mauricio
> Wellington - New Zealand
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