[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Importance of diacritic letters

Reiner Kerp mail at reiner-kerp.de
Mon Oct 17 14:04:40 PDT 2011

Am 17.10.2011 19:00, schrieb Jerry Frank:


Dear fellow searchers,

> It is possible to use special keystrokes to achieve diacritic letters but we often forget the code for them.  If you use GOOGLE Translator, you will find that each language comes up with a little keyboard that holds the special characters you need.  Just copy and paste them into the applicable search box.  OR, just open any Polish language website and copy and paste your special character from there.

This was a very important problem for my search in Poland. As only PAF
seemed to offer a solution (key F7), it became MY PROGRAM.

Meanwhile I found Windows also has a key for it.

Select "Start" and choose: all programs

choose "system tools"

an then "character table".

This leeds you to a window with the letters of all the fonts installed
on your PC.
Here you can copy all the letters you need for your words and paste
them into your texts. If you past them into GOOGLE Translator, you
may even find, how it sounds when spoken (unfortionately often

all the best,


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