[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Importance of diacritic letters

Albert Muth albertmuth734 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 14:55:46 PDT 2011

The character map that Reiner describes is cumbersome to use, but every PC
has it.

If you write in a foreign language often, you probably should install an
alternate keyboard.  This happens often in multinational companies.  When I
worked in Spain a number of years ago, I used the Spanish keyboard easily.

For ease in writing just a few words at a time in foreign languages with
many diacritics, it is easy to use a "virtual keyboard".  There are many
options for you to refer to on the Internet.  The one that Günther mentions
at http://gate2home.com works perfectly well for many different languages.
My problem is that it is UGLY and I have to look at it.

For Polish, I have used
http://www.5goldig.de/Polnische_Tastatur/polnisch_keyboard.html first, and
now mostly http://polish.typeit.org/

For Ukrainian, I use http://ua.translit.cc/

The best treatment I have seen of what diacritics are cross-linguistically
and what the issues are to represent them in computing is at
http://www.phon.ucl.ac.uk/home/wells/dia/diacritics-revised.htm  This may
offer more information than most people want, but if you are curious, read

Like Reiner, I also use PAF as my genealogy software since it can spell
Polish correctly.

Al Muth

On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 5:21 PM, Günther Böhm <GHBoehm at ish.de> wrote:

> Am 17.10.2011 23:04, schrieb Reiner Kerp:
> > Meanwhile I found Windows also has a key for it.
> >
> > Select "Start" and choose: all programs
> >
> > choose "system tools"
> >
> > an then "character table".
> >
> > This leeds you to a window with the letters of all the fonts installed
> > on your PC.
> > Here you can copy all the letters you need for your words and paste
> > them into your texts. If you past them into GOOGLE Translator, you
> > may even find, how it sounds when spoken (unfortionately often
> > incorrect).
> >
> > all the best,
> > Reiner
> Hallo Reiner (Englischtraining ;-) ),
> much easier is the virtual keyboard at http://gate2home.com .
> You want your name in Georgian?
>    სუფთა
> Regards,
> Günther
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