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“Hi, very well, I am reading in the marriage cert. “ Nernberg”.  I am pretty sure it stands for Nürnberg.
Franken is not my area of expertise; I would urge you to join the bilingual German Franken list at

for more help. Good luck, Heinz Rode

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Oh, that's a tough one . not only are there many Hoffmann's but also many Weinberg's.

I assume the "Neinberg" may be Nürnberg its in Mittelfranken, (Middle Franconia). than we find a
Weinberg, pop.785 in 1987; coord. 49.2324 / 103644. its southwest of Nürnberg. Postal code 91589

it belongs to Aurach, Municipality - Ansbach rural county - Mittelfranken ( Middle Franconia)administ. dist. -
Bavaria Bayern - Germany.

unfortunately the FHC has no info. for Weinberg. Most ? people living there are Catholic; do you know
your relatives confession? Do You have a print out of the marriage record? can you send this to me?

You will have to come up with more information, I think.
Heinz Rode

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