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There are at least 10 Dombrowa or variants in Volhynia known to have Germans living in them.  The actual spelling is Dabrowa where the first a has a diacritic hook under it that gives it an om sound.  Several are in the Lutsk region.

There are well over 200 Wolf births in Volhynia of which a few are in Dombrowa or similar.  If you can give us a time frame to work in and the names of your grandfather's parents, we might be able to help you track down which is the correct one.


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> I think my grandfather, Emanuel Wolf, may have come from a 
> village named Dombrowo in Volhynia.  Is this the same 
> village as Dombrowa, Dombrowka or others that I have seen 
> spelled in different but similar ways?  Also, how many 
> villages in the region were named Dombrowa, Dombrowo or 
> Dombowka.  I have a feeling my Grandfather may have 
> originated close to Luck or Lutsk region.  Is there a 
> Dombrowa located near this region?
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