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Hi Karla, the origin Petrikau says, is not always something about the birth. Many were also able to read this time, usually only very limited. Even with documents, it was certainly not as accurate as today. So if there was a Son, and the pastor told his father was from Petrikau or region have come to Petrikau and is now deceased, was often told that they had only themselves to get told. But even if the father thought he would come out of the room Petrikau, this does not mean that he came from there. Maybe he grew up there and it just always thought that he was born there also. Possibly because the parents moved shortly after his birth, even further east. The regions around Petrikau Tribunalski and Tomaszów Mazowiecki was a kind of transit region. The families came from the West there. Some stayed, some moved on. Some stayed for a few years and others for a generation or two before moving on to Russia and Volhynia. This also explains why one often finds the same families, for example in Poznan, Lodz, Petrikau and Volhynia. Greetings from Germany Maik
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> Belchatow is not far from Petrikau. Isn't it considered part of the Petrikau oblast? I realize that the church records are separate for the Belchatow parish, but when looking for ancestors who came from "Petrikau," it is probably wise to look at records for adjoining areas. I found ancestors who claimed in Volynia that they were born ind "Petricau," but there were in the Belchatow Lutheran records.
> Karla Walters

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