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Hello to Beth Burke in Verona, WI:

Your wrote: In all of my searches, I've never come across the surname 'Bonakoske.'

My grand aunt, Amalie HEDKE, married Michael BONIKOWSKI (1852-1903) & settled in Waupaca County, Wisconsin.  The surname was spelled various ways on different records:

3 Nov 1881 Hamburg ship register: BENCKAWSKI, from Sipiory, Posen [current day Sipiory, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland]
12 Dec 1881 New York ship register: BANKOWSKI or possibly BONKOWSKI
1889 Plat of St. Lawrence Township, Waupaca County, Wisconsin: BOMWISKY
1895 WI state census: BONIKOWSKY (incorrectly transcribed BOMKOWSKY)
1900 census: BONIKOWSKY
1901 Plat of Helvetia Township, Waupaca County, Wisconsin: BONAKOSKE
1901 Plat of St. Lawrence Township, Waupaca County, Wisconsin: BONIWISKY (incorrectly transcribed BORNOUNSKY)

Current day descendants spell their surname: BONIKOWSKE

On the Poznan Project website http://bindweed.man.poznan.pl/posen/search.php  there are the following records:
Exin/Kcynia Catholic: marriage 1848, #16 for Petrus Bonikowski (22) &  Catharina Walkoniak (20); groom's father: Matthias Banikowski, mother: Victoria
Exin/Kcynia Catholic: marriage 1839, #21 for Matthias Banikowski (47) & Marianna Walkowiaska (40)

There are also various spelling of the surname on the Poznan Project.

I am researching my Hedke/Hedtke ancestors in the Exin [Kcynia] Evangelische church microfilms, which include the village of Sipiory.  I have found the BAHNECK surname, and wonder if Banikowski (and variants) may have derived from Bahneck-owski.

Perhaps your Rosella Bonakoske, that married Julius Glor, has ancestry from Provinz Posen area of Poland.

The evolution of surnames sure is interesting and keeps us turning over stones!

Good luck!

Linda Windmoeller
Phillips, Wisconsin

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