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May I suggest a village called Dobra in Kreis Turek in Poland - about  60 Kilometer NW of  Łódź und 130 Kilometer south of Posen?
The German Wikipedia site gives more info than the English
There were many Germans from here that moved to Wolhynia. And in reverse in 1940 with the resettlement of Germans from Polish Wolhynia.  My father's family (Kukasch) was settled here in the spring/summer of 1940.
There is also a village called Dobre in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, or Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship in Poland.
There are also a number listed here http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dobra  but it would be hard to confirm your placename without more info.

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There has some discussion about the Petrikau records which you may have 
followed.  However, so far no one has dealt with your Volhynia 

The Lutheran Churches in Volhynia no longer exist so there is place to 
write to for more info.  Some of the records have been archived.  Those 
that are known and readily available for access have all been extracted 
and data is available in our VKP database at:


Be sure to read the descriptions on the search pages so that you are clear about what is or is not included.

I cannot find a Dobrekuth in modern day Poland.  There is one (Dobrokut) located south of Ternopil in Ukraine, formerly Galicia.  This region would have been part of Poland for a brief period between 1919 and 1939.


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> Dear Mr or Mrs
> I am lloking for the adresses of church archives I can write to 
> in Poland . I am looking for the adress of the church in 
> Kostopole , poland where the Schleger family came from tpo 
> Canada and settled in sweetgrass and lang , Saskatchewan . 
> the second place is Petrikau , Poland Where Martin Weiss came 
> and settled in Antonuwka, Lusk, Volhynia . Martin weiss Is The 
> Grandfather Of Albert Weisss My Great Grandfather .  I 
> looked for the Churches in tose communities wher I could write 
> to so I could get further information on those families .  
> Does anyone know how i could contact the churches so I could get 
> further information on the families . 
> I also tried to find the place called Dobrekuth Poland where 
> Matthaeus Neumann came fropm and settled in Volhynia. He is 
> alson the other grandfather of my Great grandfather Albert Weiss 
> . 
> I know that Mattheus Neumann and Anna Marianne Weiss had Threee 
> Children including Whilimina Neumann . i tried to see if 
> Whilimina's Brother's Carl and Michael got married and had 
> children but in the files ther are two or three Mixchaels and 
> Carls and I don't know if they are my great Great uncles the 
> son's of mattheus neumann and Anna Marianne Weiss . I don'tr 
> want mix up the Michaels and Carls if they belong to a different 
> Neumann family. 
> If anyone can help with these three questions i would appreciate 
> it . As for the reply's on adolph schleger of Yellowgrass , 
> saskatchewanm I appreciate the answers and I know he is 
> either  a Sterpbrother or uncle of My Great grandmother 
> Matilda (Schleger) Weiss . by going through church records in 
> kostopole , Poland and asking som,eone there I will find out . I 
> tried to email adolph's Schleger's family and Great uncle 
> Reinbhold Schleger's family through ancestory.com but i got no 
> reply so I have to go through the church way. 
> Again I would appreciate any help. 
> Regards
> Clinton Ehlert  
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