[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] neumann family history

Clinton Ehlert cehlert at shaw.ca
Sun Sep 11 21:36:02 PDT 2011


Thank yiou richardand Jerry  for your reply . Am Trying to find out if My Great Grandfather Albert Weiss's Uncles Carl <,Michael And Gottfried Neumann had any  children . They would be first cousin's to my Great grandfather Albert weiss through his Mother whilimine Neumann . I see a lot carl , Michael's and Gottfried Neumanns on the files but I do'nt see the names of grooms parents only the brides partents . i would hat to guess which of these uncles Carl, Michaels And Gottfried Neumanns are related or not  .  there parents were Matthaus and anne Marianne Weiss .  I would appreciate  if anyone could help or give me advice finding which chioldren belong to My Three Third Great uncles Michael , Carl and Gottfried Neumann .

Clinton Ehlert  

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