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Hello and thank you to Frank Janke for the map link and the many others for helping me with the location of Zgierz. Although the spelling varies somewhat in the EWZ files it is undoubtedly the correct location.  
Heinrich Richter

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Zgierz is just in north of Lodz:
it was knwon as a indurstrial town for making cloth as well as for german settlers.

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I need some help locating the villages of Anielin/Anelin and Zgiersch, Poland.  The EWZ files on my aunt, Regina Bettker, and several other family members, says that they came from Anielin/Anelin to Zgiersch. The place name was typed and/or handwritten on five different applications using these two variations. This village is most likely near Olyka or Rowno. The place name Zgiersch may be in the Kolo area. Also, next to the “Zugesogen nach Zgiersch von Anielin” is  TR-117  on each of the applications. Is this a special meaningful notation? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Heinrich Richter

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