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Earl and Fellow SGGEE Members:

How many of you have personally used this company for DNA testing?  Were you
satisfied with the results? If you found out that you are at a higher risk
for certain diseases, did you then consult with your physician?

Additionally, have any of you who have a connection to the Lublin area have
had this done?

Beth Burke
Verona, WI
Researching:  Zellmer, Glor, Hammermeister, Friedrich, Lieske/Liske,

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I want to let everyone know that www.23andMe.com is having a sale on DNA
autosomal testing for $99 plus $9/mo. for 1 year.  This goes beyond the
y-DNA and mt-DNA and is a much better test especially for females who cannot
do the y-DNA test themselves.  The autosomal test looks at all ancestral
lines and not just paternal and maternal.

I especially want to encourage anyone from Dobriner Land (Torun to
Rypin/Lipno) to take this test so that we can get a number of people from
this area to compare to.

This test also provides information on your risks for certain diseases which
can be quite interesting.


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