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At the suggestion of Earl and Otto, I decided to have 23andMe DNA testing 
done.  I chose to have it done on my parents, who were both well into their 
90s.  Mother died 2 months later and father not long after.

Was it worth it?  It did not help me find any relatives but it sure gave a 
lot of interesting information on where my ancestors came from many 
thousands of years ago.  Would I do it again? Certainly.  At the current 
special price I highly recommend it.

I regularly receive messages from 23andMe saying there are updates on my 
medical information.  I have not checked this but one day will take the time 
to look at the information.

Bill Fife

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Hi Beth and List,
I probably was the first of our SGGEE group to test with 23andMe a few years 
ago. It was recommended by my son Erich and his fellow academic, Dr. Shriver 
PhD., a professor of molecular genetics at Penn State University.  Mark, if 
I remember correctly, is focused on STR Forensics and uses 23andMe service 
for SNP tests.  23andMe uses a test array capable of screening a simple spit 
test for over a million markers from ALL of your 23 chromosomes including 
the Y-paternal genome and the X-mitochondrial genome.

The health information alone is well worth the few dollars spent.
Fascinating to discover most health issues are encoded in your genetic code.

The spit test (spit in a test-tube and mail it in) is a deep test and their 
services will continue expanding until the total genome is tested for.
Their database is growing daily.
SNP testing is "deep-clade" testing, be prepared to journey back in time.

My interest in the test was genealogy which is comprehensive.
I appreciated my test tremendously. . . It points to the past, it penetrates 
brick walls

It is too complex of a procedure to attempt to answer health and 
genealogically related questions of the test here.
Besides myself, I know Earl tested and also Victor Gess.  There may be more 
unknown to me.

*I will answer your questions and provide illustrations of their features if 
you E-mail me privately

On Sep 24, 2011, at 3:03 PM, Beth Burke wrote:

> Earl and Fellow SGGEE Members:
> How many of you have personally used this company for DNA testing?  Were 
> you
> satisfied with the results? If you found out that you are at a higher risk
> for certain diseases, did you then consult with your physician?
> Additionally, have any of you who have a connection to the Lublin area 
> have
> had this done?
> Beth Burke
> Verona, WI
> Researching:  Zellmer, Glor, Hammermeister, Friedrich, Lieske/Liske,
> Pinkowski....
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> I want to let everyone know that www.23andMe.com is having a sale on DNA
> autosomal testing for $99 plus $9/mo. for 1 year.  This goes beyond the
> y-DNA and mt-DNA and is a much better test especially for females who 
> cannot
> do the y-DNA test themselves.  The autosomal test looks at all ancestral
> lines and not just paternal and maternal.
> I especially want to encourage anyone from Dobriner Land (Torun to
> Rypin/Lipno) to take this test so that we can get a number of people from
> this area to compare to.
> This test also provides information on your risks for certain diseases 
> which
> can be quite interesting.
> Earl

. . .   Otto
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