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Karl wrote:
This sounds like a great testat a great price. I just want to make you aware that if you ware willing to make the investment the ultimate test is coming fairly soon - maybe in the next few years. This will be to sequence your entire genome at a cost of about $1000. This might sound like a lot to you but it is really dirt cheap when you think the first human genome took almost ten years to complete in the 1990s.

What are the advantages of genome sequencing over SNP analysis? SNPs are merely sequence variants found across humans. Genome sequencing will provide not just your SNPs but all other sequence variations/mutations that you may have - those that make you unique beyond a series of haplotypes. The next generation of genealogists will be using this because you can predict relatedness with much greater accuracy and not be limited to Y-chromosomes, mitochondrial DNA, or SNPs. I foresee software being developed for genealogists that will determine if you have notable sequence variations with any person who also had their genome sequenced. With a group of known relationships you will be able to determine what sequence variations were carried down and probably predict which ancestor they came from.

I'm not saying don't do the 23andMe test. I'm just notifying you that the future is coming quickly and genome sequencing will blow all other tests out of the water. Regarding susceptibility to diseases, this may tell you what you need to be wary of. Preventive measures could then minimize probability of such diseases. 

Good advice Karl,
Full genome sequencing is superior to single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) testing and Haplogrouping or Short Tandem Repeat testing STR) and haplotypes ( a shallow test used in forensics). Yet that is all that is available this present day.

SNP testing is on all of the chromosomes, not just the y and X and mitochondrial DNA.

One Problem-
Many of us are 70 to 90 years of age and we do not have  the "wait and see" youth to gamble with or the $1,000 in our pockets to spend on full genome tests. Wait until you are on Social Security to gain insight to this. Full genome testing still requires a vast Full Genome Database to compare to. That takes more years yet to create.

I am afraid "maybe" does not cut it in most cases of us elderly. 23andMe SNP testing is still the best bang for the buck. We have very little future remaining.

There is nothing to fear with the test. It will supplement paper trail research.

As I stated previously to all, "I will answer your questions and provide illustrations of their features if you E-mail me privately.

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