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Lynda and Vince, both of you are cousins of mine at 23. Vince, you show up on chr. 1, fairly close to the end, with just 5.4cM shared. Lynda, you show up on chr. 2 (you aren't showing 
in AF today, but Alison is, and you are close to the middle of the chromosome, slightly more towards the end than the beginning) and since you aren't showing I can't list how many cM's 
we share but I believe it's under 7cM. all of us shared on v2, and I haven't upgraded to v3. bad year, hopefully next year will be much better.

because I am such a mutt, and you two are mixed, it's hard to tell exactly which ancestral line we match on, but if you will watch for an Anton and Thekla Wagner (or something 
resembling Wagoner of any sort) in your tree, please let me know. they are why I have been a long term lurker on this list. otherwise, it could be Dutch or English or something else we 
match on.

Vince, I don't know if we match with someone specific to one or the other side of the family-is Percy a cousin on your mother's side? we do share with him. I recognize several 
surnames, de Jong, Visser, Pauwe, Wagner. I suspect we've discussed the Wagners and had some discussion regarding the Dutch. Netherlands, Germany and Poland all match.

since we share with your mother, I assume we are related on your mother's side. I recognise several surnames, but can't say for certain which is the connecting ancestor. I believe 
we've already discussed the McDonalds, and I have Cross, Atkinson, Aitken, Pearson, Plummer, Ross, Higgins, Collins, Black (Schwartz?) and tons of Colonials who all came from England, 
Ireland or Scotland from 1647 to 1843. Rudd is a very plausable collateral line, mostly of Suffolk but some of Essex and one of London, Garratt of Essex, Mahew/Mayhew of Essex, 
Shephard/Sheppard of Essex, Smith of Essex, of the places you list, Yorkshire, I have Waterfalls there, and my Pearsons and Peytons (knights) trace back to Yorkshire. London, at some 
point about half of my collaterals lived there, and Devon, I have a branch I believe ties into my Quaker Cross's but the records were so poorly kept only dna will ever tell us-if the 
right people will test.

I would love to find the matches, no matter who or where they are.


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> I have just placed a Family-Finder order with FTDNA for a kit belonging
> tomy grandmothers' brother, a first-generation Canadian and son of of
> Andreas(Andrew) Kotscherofski who was my great-grandfather.  Andrew was born
> inVohlynia in 1885 and is listed in the Odessa3 St. Petersburg extracts.
> I and my maternal uncle (a nephew to my aforementioned great-uncle) had
> previously been tested with 23andMe.
> Vince Tilroe
> Edmonton AB, Canada
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> I have tested 7 family members through 23 and me and think it is a
> wonderful service.  My Volhynia relatives (husband, son and
> father-in-law)have each had about 200 potential relatives identified - mostly
> suspectedto be 4th or 5th cousins.  Of these we have determined that two sisters
> who matched dna, were in fact 4th cousins when we compared our paper
> trails. In our case the prediction of 4th cousin was dead on.  I also
> think the medical information about what conditions you are genetically
> atrisk for is very helpful.
> One of my husband's dna "cousins" suggested this group to me
> afterlearning of my husband's history.  I would personally love to see some
> more of the people from this list test as it might help us unravel our
> shared ancestry.
> Best,
> Lynda Radke

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