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This is a fantastic resource, folks, especially if your genealogy tracks through Posen / Poznan Province!  But it also includes several dozen places in what would be the far western portion of Russian Poland from roughly Dabie in the east to Sompolno in the north and almost to Wielun in the south.    

These are ***actual online original records***, not just indices.  

The only records which I spot checked were those from Roman Catholic Churches.  There may be Evangelical (Lutheran) records as well.  In any case, you may need some of the Catholic ones if there was no Lutheran Church in the region.

We should be very grateful for people like Petra and her fellow researchers who find these resources and then take the time to make them easier to use.


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Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Online-Informations from the Staatsarchiv	Posen
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> Hello to all interested persons,
> a mid-researchers and I have all the places from which the State 
> Archives has put documents online poses indicated on a google-map.
> Here's the link: 
> http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF&msa=0&msid=215132733045753894260.000498a3e7163d94a81b6
> I've now added links to the city and listed what documents from 
> which 
> years are online:
> If you click on the link to a site you are on the side of the 
> locality.Click the small index card "series".
> On the map page you can quickly check what documentation for 
> which years 
> are online and then it clicked in the list (for example, 6.1 
> Urodzenia, 
> małżeństwa, zgony).
> Then the listed year (for example 1866-1868) finally click and 
> click on 
> the tab "digital copies".
> As before:
> Click on a picture = it opens
> X = Close
> Arrows to the left and right = move backward and forward
> Z = very enlarged sliding section
> Button to the left of the Z = magnification
> Much fun and success
> Petra
> -- 
> www.serwaty.de
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