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Two DIFFERENT surnames.

Gatzke is Lowland German/Plattdeutsch.
The surname is "Gatz" with the added diminutive "ke" , = little Gatz or child of Gatz.
A cut & paste on the meaning:
"The surname Gatz is German. It's from Gato, a short form of an old personal name formed with the same root as Middle High etc  (Gadafried)"

An answer from Roots Web:
"SZATKOWSKI or Szadkowski surnames come from a place
SZADEK (there are several in Poland) Szatkowski = "a
man from Szadek or Szadkowsice". Szadek was written
too as Szadko or Szadkow in old documents. The name
Szadek is connected to the word "szady", "sady", which
means "grey", "ash-blond".

Rymut and Rospond give the samy etymology for the name
place "SZADEK".

Note: "d" before "k" is pronounced as a "t" in

On Apr 21, 2012, at 10:16 AM, Gary Warner wrote:

> To all,
> This group seems to have a very wide knowledge, so I would like to put 
> out the question as to whether there is any substantiated equivalency 
> between the surnames
> Gatzke
> and
> Szatkowski
> The names, to my English speaking ear, only sound mildly the same, and I 
> cannot find a root word meaning for Gatzke with which to compare the 
> meaning to Szatkowski.
> Gary Warner

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