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Thank you! This is exactly the kind of information I was looking for. A couple of others recommended Don Miller's books, including Mr. Miller himself, for which I am very grateful. My ancestors were Lutheran, nonetheless, the Miller books I'm sure have excellent historical accounts that will be relevant to my studies.



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You have now discovered the sad fact that there is a shortage of book-length 
treatments of Germans in Volhynia in English. But there are a few. At the 
top of the list I would put  Kate Brown, "A Biography of No Place. From 
Ethnic Borderland to Soviet Heartland" (Cambridge, 2004).  It deals with all 
the ethnic groups in Volhynia, not just Germans, but for that reason will 
give you a more complete picture than our ethnically-centered approaches 
usually provide.  Another book in English which touches on Volhynian Germans 
in the World War One period is Eric Lohr, "Nationalizing the Russian Empire. 
The Campaign Against Enemy Aliens During World War I." (Cambridge, 2003). 
Also, from AHSGR in Lincoln, NE, you can get Leona Janke's translation of 
Alfred Karasek-Langer and Elfrieda Strzygowski's "Introduction to the 
Legends of the Germans in Volhynia and Polesye" (Posen, 1938).  It appears 
to have been published by AHSGR in 2009, and for Volhynian German culture, 
there's nothing like it.  If the story of German Baptists in Volhynia is of 
interest to you, see Don Miller's two books, "In the Midst of Wolves" and 
"Under Arrest".  The AHSGR Journal has occasionally included articles 
relating to Volhynia, most notably some short pieces about JulJanow-Boratyn 
in Vol. 10, No. 4 (Winter, 1987), and of course Ewald Wuschke published 
"Wandering Volhynians" throughout the 1990s, if you can somehow get access 
to them.

This should give you enough reading for awhile, at least!

Dick B.

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