[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] geography assistance: "Gruec"?

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Richard responded well to your Volhynia question.  

As for the Polish Archives:  Enter Grodziec in the place name box.  In this case, set the religion for "ewangelicko-augsburskie" and leave all the other boxes as "all".  There are other times when you also might like to select "all" for the religion as well.

alegata = Records that go along with marriage records, often containing the same info but sometimes there are extra tidbits.  Sometimes alegata exist for years where marriage records do not.

małżeństwa = Marriages

urodzenia = births

zgony = deaths

Hope that helps.


> So here are my new questions:
> (1) On the Polish side, I'm getting completely lost in trying to
> navigate the relevant archive website; even when I try to search from
> the English welcome page, I still have to select the actual search
> options (religion, etc.) in Polish. Is there anyone who has prior
> experience with that website who's willing and able to help me out?
> (2) On the Volhynian side, does anybody know what the status is of
> Lutheran church records for the Rozhische area in 1900 and 
> later? Are
> they in St. Petersburg but just not indexed by you guys (or not public
> at all), are they in a different location, or have they just plain
> disappeared off the face of the earth?
> Thanks.
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