[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Vistula Germans in West Prussia?

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I think the term "Vistula Germans" generally applies to the German settlements within Russian Poland.  See for example http://www.upstreamvistula.org/ 

Of course there were Germans in settlements along the northern reaches of the Vistula in West Prussia as well.  Prussia was a Germanic country and numerous Germans lived there.

We do not have any Puch in our databases but there are quite a few Pusch which I would consider to be a variant spelling so I think the name is probably Germanic.  


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> Hello All,
> My question is in regards to Vistula Germans.  I have seen 
> the Breyer Map and an explanation that it does not show all the 
> German settlements.  So then, were there German settlements 
> in the Graudenz/ Marienwerder area of West/East Prussia?  
> The border with Congress Poland was further south near Torun correct?
> I am researching Ferdinand Puch born in 1838 in Ostrowite, West 
> Prussia which is on the west side of the Vistula River, north of 
> Gross NeBrau, East Prussia (now Nebrowo Wielke, Poland).  
> Ferdinand married Catherine Brosowsky in 1864 in Gross 
> NeBrau.  I have seen LDS records for the area and am 
> waiting for more to come in to search.  The name Puch seems 
> to be unique in this area is the name German or were they 
> possibly Poles?
> Thanks,
> Alan Schlosser
> Buffalo, NY
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