[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] geography assistance: "Gruec"?

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Hello Craig, I definitely think that you should send a request to the Polish State Archive in Konin for a copy of your great-grandfather's birth record.  Their email address is: konin at poznan.ap.gov.pl.  Their reply will be in Polish, and they will inform you whether or not they have found what you are looking for, as well as the cost of a copy and how to make the payment. Out of curiosity I studied some of the Grodziec Lutheran parish records that are online and it appears that several Schiller families were living in that area.  What is more, I found the birth record of an August Schiller who was born in Borowiec, which I think was the birth place of your great-grandfather.  There may be a possible connection there.  You can find the record (#150) here: http://szukajwarchiwach.pl/54/853/0/6.1/17/skan/widok/rDvLbCSS6adTiTsTCzyJvg.   According to the record, August Schiller was christened in Grodziec on 21 July 1865 and born on the previous day at 4 p.m.  The father was Gottfried Schiller, single, aged 17, staying at the home of his parents in Borowiec, and the mother was Gottfried's fiancée, Christine Schiller, single, aged 16.  The witnesses were Christian Jahns, 25, and Gottlieb Bilke, 35, both from Borowiec.  The godparents were Gottlieb Bilke and Christine Jahns. The couple Gottfried and Christine Schiller did not marry until 3 March 1867.  You can find the marriage record (#20) here: http://szukajwarchiwach.pl/54/853/0/6.1/19/skan/widok/q8YDHJ1RnbXyTEpiLL__jg. According to the record, Johann Gottfried Schiller and Anna Christine Schiller were married in Grodziec on 3 March 1867 in the presence of Friedrich Tews, 33, from Wojciechow, and Christian Schiller from Wieloleka.  The groom, aged 19, was staying with his mother, Elisabeth Wandel, in Wieloleka where he was born on 23 June 1847.  His father, Samuel Schiller, was deceased at the time of the wedding.  The bride, aged 20, was staying with her parents, Gottlieb Schiller and Beate Bernt, in Borowiec where she was born on 29 Nov. 1846. Perhaps you will be able to connect to these people at some future time. Jan Textor, Denmark  > Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2012 17:06:17 -0400
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> The problem is that the years I need to see are outside of that date
> range. My great-grandfather was born in 1885, and to the best of our
> knowledge all or most of his siblings were born after him. The years I
> need to go through don't have document images up on the web, so I have
> to either submit a manual request to the archive, or somehow find a
> way to show up personally and search them myself.
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