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I cannot help much with the Massa family.  We have a few entries for Mass and Masse but it appears that your family may have arrived in Volhynia after our readily available records stop.

However, there is lots of info for your Hoffmann / Baumann family which you can search at http://www.sggee.org/research/StPeteBirth.html   This page also has links to the death and marriage records for the same region.  You will find your g.g.grandmother's birth recorded there under Emelia.


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> Hello everyone. First time. 
> I have hit a dead end in my family research. By great great 
> grandfather, August Massa came to Canada from Volhynia in 1896. 
> His birthday is believed to be in 1857  Traveling with him 
> was his wife, Amelie (Emily, Emelia, 1861?) and their son 
> Frederick. Her maiden name was Hoffmann and her parents were 
> (unconfirmed) Alexander and Julianne (née Baumann). I cannot 
> find any other link to relatives there. I don't have any record 
> of siblings or parents. I believe they were from the Rozyszcze 
> parish. I found a Jacob Massa from Galicia who bears an 
> incredible resemblance to my grandfather but no way to link the 
> two families.   
> I'm new at this and don't know where to start.   Any 
> help would be great.  
> Thank you, 
> Steve Massey
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