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I regret that I cannot help with the Pahl research but you also asked about geography.

Neu Lubomirka (Neu = New = Nowe) is just off the P05 highway a short distance north of Rowno and right on the rail line.  Lubomirka could refer to the same place but could also be reference to Stare Lubomirka (Alt = Old = Stare) located a short distance north of Neu Lubormirka and west of the railway (just north of Kammiena Gora).  Stare Lubormirka no longer exists but would have been at about coordinates 50.820605,26.352589 on Google Maps.


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> I have more information now on the search for Paulina Pohl.  If 
> anyone can add that would be a great bonus.  Paulina is still a 
> bit of a mystery.
> Paulina Pohl left Volhynia after February 1911 and before 
> November 1912.  She likely set sail from Europe and landed in 
> Canada, made her way to Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada, and crossed 
> into the US at the Gretna, Manitoba, Canada/Neche, North Dakota, 
> USA border.  He son Adolf was born February 1911 and stayed 
> behind.  She was married in the Lutheran Church of Neche in 
> November 1912.  Busy lady!!
> Son, Adolf Pohl, was registered at Lubomirka Evangelical 
> Lutheran Church (per registry certificate 1912 no 161 and 
> transcribed official at Tuczynie December 20, 1925).  He 
> was left with Paulina Pohl's sister Marta (Pohl) Szulc in 
> Berestowice (Polish passport spelling).  Michael Kussmaul gave 
> permission to leave Volhynia as gaurdian.
> Sister, Julianna (Pohl) Kussmaul, left Europe and entered Canada 
> around 1930.  Went to Winnipeg and stayed in the Morris, 
> Manitoba area.
> Sister, Marta (Pohl) Szulc, unknown if she left Europe.  Some 
> family members may have been in Winnipeg during the 1950's.
> Father, Daniel Poahl (sp?).  Mother, unknown/not listed.
> USA husband of Paulina, Gottlieb Stegman.  Born in Alexandria, 
> Volhynia.  Gottlieb and Paulina resided in the Neche, North 
> Dakota and Felson Township, North Dakota area.
> Polish documents for Adolf Pohl were accomplished in Tucznie and 
> Kostopol. 
> All cities mentioned above seem to be north of current day Rivne 
> (Rovno or Rowne) Ukraine, on the R05 highway up to about Sarny.  
> Would anyone know if Neu Lobumirka and Lubomirka would be the 
> same village or town?
> Long lost relatives may also live in Dresden and Berlin, 
> Germany.  Last communication around 1953.
> If anyone can fill in the holes on Paulina, please let me know.
> Thank you!!
> Randy Svenson
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