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I can't fill in blanks, but have located bits you might want to follow up.:

An Adalph Pohl turns up in the 1940 census for Felson, North Dakota.  He is cited as born 1911.  Possibly the son of Pauline Pohl later Stegman....might be worth a look at Ancestry.com in the 1940 census.

There were lots of Adolf/Adolph Pohls arriving in NY - you'd have to check out a lot unless the 1940 census gives the year of arrival.

www.canada411.ca lists about 5 Kussmaul names - none in Manitoba (but several in Alberta).  There are Pohls listed in Winnipeg and Manitoba currently but some may have come after the War.  My parents knew a Pohl family from the Solomka/Lubmirke area who arrived ca. 1950 on the Beaverbrae.  They lived in Hamilton.  He was Reinhold Pohl - now deceased - but widow living in BC last I heard.  Son was in the Canadian Navy.
Unfortunately there are lots of POHL names in BC and i don't remember her name or son's name. He's probably retired Navy now as he would be in his 60s.

My mother (Lydia Betke - dtr of Emil Bethke and Alwine Baier) was born in Solomka, Kr. Rowno and it is not far from Lubmirke.  My aunt lived in Lubmirke from 1938/1940 at which point all the ethnic Germans had to leave and resettle in Wartegau.  My father (Ewald Kukasch) - son of Wilhelm Kukasch and Holdine Koenig - was born in Berestowiec/Berestovets - both born in 1925. Their family was also resettled in Wartegau in 1940.

My grandmother (Alwine Baier Bethke) had an uncle Karl Baier that immigrated to the US cala 1895 or and lived in Neche ND - after spending some time in Gretna MB as well.  I expect they all knew each other from the old country.  Karl had two brothers Julius and Adolf Baier (they added an s to their name - Baiers ) who lived in Benton Harbor, MI area and their parents Daniel Baier and Karoline Schmidt Baier arrived in Canada in 1903 and went to Benton Harbor to join son Adolf Baier.  Julius and his family arrived in 1904 from Wolhynia.

All your names and places are familiar in my research too but have no direct family connection. 

I did a quick Ancestry research and also found Stegmans in Benton Harbor, MI in census so expect there was family/friends connection there too.  A LOT of Wolhynien Germans in the Benton Harbor MI area.

Good luck!



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I have more information now on the search for Paulina Pohl.  If anyone can add that would be a great bonus.  Paulina is still a bit of a mystery.
Paulina Pohl left Volhynia after February 1911 and before November 1912.  She likely set sail from Europe and landed in Canada, made her way to Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada, and crossed into the US at the Gretna, Manitoba, Canada/Neche, North Dakota, USA border.  He son Adolf was born February 1911 and stayed behind.  She was married in the Lutheran Church of Neche in November 1912.  Busy lady!!
Son, Adolf Pohl, was registered at Lubomirka Evangelical Lutheran Church (per registry certificate 1912 no 161 and transcribed official at Tuczynie December 20, 1925).  He was left with Paulina Pohl's sister Marta (Pohl) Szulc in Berestowice (Polish passport spelling).  Michael Kussmaul gave permission to leave Volhynia as gaurdian.
Sister, Julianna (Pohl) Kussmaul, left Europe and entered Canada around 1930.  Went to Winnipeg and stayed in the Morris, Manitoba area.
Sister, Marta (Pohl) Szulc, unknown if she left Europe.  Some family members may have been in Winnipeg during the 1950's.
Father, Daniel Poahl (sp?).  Mother, unknown/not listed.
USA husband of Paulina, Gottlieb Stegman.  Born in Alexandria, Volhynia.  Gottlieb and Paulina resided in the Neche, North Dakota and Felson Township, North Dakota area.
Polish documents for Adolf Pohl were accomplished in Tucznie and Kostopol.
All cities mentioned above seem to be north of current day Rivne (Rovno or Rowne) Ukraine, on the R05 highway up to about Sarny.  Would anyone know if Neu Lobumirka and Lubomirka would be the same village or town?
Long lost relatives may also live in Dresden and Berlin, Germany.  Last communication around 1953.
If anyone can fill in the holes on Paulina, please let me know.
Thank you!!
Randy Svenson
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