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Wed Aug 15 03:53:13 PDT 2012

I have just the outline of a story from a relative. 

Pauline Kruger married a man by the name of B achman. They had 5 children, I believe. The only 2 names remembered were Irma and Leokadia Bachmann. They moved to B razil around 1930. They cut all ties with relatives back in E urope. The only contact is a postcard with a picture of leokadia in a dress possibly getting communion. 

I checked database and there is another listing for a L eokadia B achman whos father is G ustav. However, Gustav is listed as dying in poland and the mother is listed as L ydia W elke  . 

I'm hoping Gustav had a brother. The brother married Pauline and moved the family to Brazil and named one daughter Leokadia in honor of his brother, who also had a leokadia Bachmann. Possibly Leokadia is a family name since I don't think its very popular. 

Does anyone have any information on Bachmanns in Brazil or if Gustav had a brother. The info about Gustav came from EWZ data. 

Thomas Jess

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