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Dear Thomas,
This is a good try but keep in mind even our MPD is limited. It might mislead you if you try to draw too many inferences from it. I doubt the Bachmanns you are seeking have anything to do with the ones you found in the MPD. Here is why:

First Leokadia may seem like an uncommon name but it was used fairly often, at least by the Germans near Lublin/Chelm. It is in no way a rare name.

Second study the Lublin database at this URL:

Here you will find the Bachmanns extracted from EWZ plus many more. The data from the church in Lublin is much more extensive than EWZ. The marriage data is already fairly complete (except for marriages at the Kamien parish prior to 1920) and this includes the towns of Cycow and Wola Korybutowa where you were snooping around in the MPD. No marriage is found of a Bachmann to a Pauline Krueger. If you search the births you will like wise not find a couple as you are searching for. 

I would venture to say the Bachmanns you are looking for probably did not live near Lublin or were not Lutheran. I wish you luck in finding the right ones.

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I have just the outline of a story from a relative. 

Pauline Kruger married a man by the name of B achman. They had 5 children, I believe. The only 2 names remembered were Irma and Leokadia Bachmann. They moved to B razil around 1930. They cut all ties with relatives back in E urope. The only contact is a postcard with a picture of leokadia in a dress possibly getting communion. 

I checked database and there is another listing for a L eokadia B achman whos father is G ustav. However, Gustav is listed as dying in poland and the mother is listed as L ydia W elke  . 

I'm hoping Gustav had a brother. The brother married Pauline and moved the family to Brazil and named one daughter Leokadia in honor of his brother, who also had a leokadia Bachmann. Possibly Leokadia is a family name since I don't think its very popular. 

Does anyone have any information on Bachmanns in Brazil or if Gustav had a brother. The info about Gustav came from EWZ data. 

Thomas Jess
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