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Hello Joyce, 

See, there is a connection. Which is why I'm hoping that Leokadia is a family/traditional name. I am going to see if I can get a copy of that postcard from the relative if he still has it. Somethin g tells me I might have to go to Brazil one day. Its a branch of the tree thats been cut off and I would love to find a relative and reconnect with them. 


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Hi Thomas, We have already established that we are linked to my Gurke/Jesse family. Now you are into my Welke family. This is all good! 

Lydia Welke is my first cousin, once removed. She married Gustav Bachmann. He is the son of Eduard Bachmann and Christine Fiemel. I found this information in the Lublin files. I do not have a brother listed for Gustav and I also found him in the MPD and figured it was from the EWZ files. Gustav Bachmann first married Wanda Welke in 1910, Lydia's sister. Wanda died in 1916 in Samara. He then married Lydia Welke in 1918. 

I don't have any more information about him or any children. This does not mean that there is no information, it means I have not been researching. I see a number of siblings to Gustav in the Lublin birth records. Try that source. Wanda and Lydia had a younger sister whose name was Leokodia. 

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I have just the outline of a story from a relative. 

Pauline Kruger married a man by the name of B achman. They had 5 children, I believe. The only 2 names remembered were Irma and Leokadia Bachmann. They moved to B razil around 1930. They cut all ties with relatives back in E urope. The only contact is a postcard with a picture of leokadia in a dress possibly getting communion. 

I checked database and there is another listing for a L eokadia B achman whos father is G ustav. However, Gustav is listed as dying in poland and the mother is listed as L ydia W elke  . 

I'm hoping Gustav had a brother. The brother married Pauline and moved the family to Brazil and named one daughter Leokadia in honor of his brother, who also had a leokadia Bachmann. Possibly Leokadia is a family name since I don't think its very popular. 

Does anyone have any information on Bachmanns in Brazil or if Gustav had a brother. The info about Gustav came from EWZ data. 

Thomas Jess 
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