[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Radom//Schiewe

Günther Böhm GHBoehm at ish.de
Thu Aug 23 03:38:04 PDT 2012

Am 22.08.2012 22:48, schrieb Margaret Loroff:
> Is Schiewe a rare name or a fairly common one?  I recently met someone with
> that family name and I am just wondering.  Should I mention to him that I
> saw the name or is it like Smith or Jones in American?

Hallo Margaret,
not that common but also not rare. The German telephone register has 584 SCHIEWE entries, predominantly in northern and 
western Germany.
Interesting is also the distribution of the spelling SCHEWE: 1502 entries, the northern and western regions likewise 

The 1942 telephone register instead had just 13 SCHIEWE entries, most of them in Berlin, Warteland and West Prussia, and 
65 SCHEWE, again predominantly in northern and western Germany.

Name meaning: SCHIEWE [SCHEWE] from German schief = wry [wryneck].


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