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As an aside, regarding the name “Schiewe”, I believe that there are variations of this name.  In my research of my family name “Czudnochowski “  or “Tschudnochowski”, I obtained an excerpt from the “Kartei Quassowski”, which was created at the time of WWI from East Prussian genealogical information, that shows a marriage of a Michael Czudochowski and Catharina Schiwy in Erdmannen, East Prussia.  Additional genealogical information about this couple is given in Michael J. Anuta’s book, "The Beautiful People Czudnochowski", but Catharina is identified in this book as Catherine Shevey.  She had immigrated to Wisconsin in June 1891.  Thus, I believe “Schiewe”, “Schiwy”, and “Shevey” are the same name.

George Shoning

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Is Schiewe a rare name or a fairly common one?  I recently met someone with
that family name and I am just wondering.  Should I mention to him that I
saw the name or is it like Smith or Jones in American?   

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