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I agree, that the last place of residence was Zdołbunów.  It is not
uncommon for Polish place-names beginning with a Z followed by
another consonant to have the Z absorbed by a preceding
preposition "z", meaning "of".  Zdołbunów is located at
50°31' N 26°15' E, about 11 km south of Równe.

The place of birth is Hulcza, sometimes known as Hulcza Czeska,
located about 9 miles further south.

Click on the following link to the area

Zdołbunów is on the Równe map (P46 S42).
Hulcza is on the map right below it, for Mizocz.


On Thu, Aug 30, 2012 at 10:59 PM, K. Gallagher <gallag.4gen at comcast.net>wrote:

> I would appreciate help with a place name in Volhynia.  One of my
> grandmother's cousins married a man of Czech extraction who came from
> Volhynia.  According to family tradition, they were born in the same place.
>  I have not been able to locate a record of hers with the name of her
> birthplace, but I have located his immigration record.  He is listed in the
> index of ellisisland.org under the name Viktor Marek.  He arrived on 22
> MAY 1910 on the President Lincoln.  I think his last residence would be
> Zdolbuniv, but I can't make out the name of his birthplace.  Would it be
> Kulishi?   It might be a Czech version of a Polish name too, but I don't
> know that's the case either.  Can anyone see another possibility?
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