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Hello Randy,

main resettlement from Berestowiec was in 1939. You'll find more detail in "war records"/part Volynia, which were partly filmed by the church of LDS / also known as BDC - Berlin Document Center; and will find many more details at German states archive in Berlin, sign. R 57neu.

A small help might be information from this Website:

On top of page: Alfabetyczny spis miejscowosci:

Click on "B" and scroll down to "Berestowiec, Kostopol" 
You'll see a description of B. and a small map.
Also, you'll see a "List of inhabitants" = WYKAZ GOSPODARSTW of B. around 1939. 

Hope it helped a litle bit

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Would anyone know the population of Berestowice (Berestovets, Berestowiec), of the Kostopol District in 1925? and in 1939? Also when the Germans would have been relocated from this city.

Randy Svenson
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