[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Re; Sigrid Pohl-Perry's reply

PETER VON LIPINSKY lipinsky at shaw.ca
Fri Dec 7 13:07:11 PST 2012

Information requested by Hans - Jürgen Böse for the Boese / Böse family.  

In reply to Sigrid Pohl-Perry's posting from December 1rst., please note :

I did check the 4 LDS micro films and I did find the names that Hans - Jürgen Böse is looking for. I printed the information out
 ( 2 pages per entry ) . I can mail the copies via reg. mail to Hans-Jürgen Böse, if I get his reg. mailing address.At the LDS
Family History Center my colleague and myself worked on finding the info. on the micro films and  getting the copies printed off.
My colleague also put the info on a UBS unit and she emailed me the 8 pages this morning. Do you want me to email the 8 pages to
ger-poland-Volhynia........etc. ???

 What a stroke of luck for Hans-Jürgen Böse. I just joined the mailing list two weeks ago, and here I was able to help somebody already.

Peter von Lipinsky

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