[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Greek Catholic records from Eastern Galicia

Albert Muth albertmuth734 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 13:08:35 PST 2012

The general reader of this mailing list may find this topic of
little interest, but since it is about records from the area
adjacent to Volhynia, I hope there might be a glimmer of

For some people, Santa came a few days early this year.

FamilySearch.org has posted nearly a million images of church records
from the Ukraine. The data collection is titled “Ukraine, Western
Ukraine Catholic Church Book Duplicates, 1600-1937”.

Upon closer examination, these records are
all Greek Catholic, from Eastern Galicia and were
filmed at the Central State Historical Archive in L'viv

When you open the collection, be sure to find the pale
blue box on the upper right area of the page. It is
called “Quick Facts”. Click on the hyperlink "learn more".
and if you are interested, you will!

Internet chatter that I have seen in the past few days
confirms that there are new records here, not previously

Al Muth
Livonia, MI

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