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Fri Dec 28 12:34:05 PST 2012

All the places you mention are in the area of Maślaki .

The Maślaki records for the appropriate years are miscatalogued
at the archives and are under Wilczyn.  I announced this possibility
months ago at

It has been confirmed by a researcher in Poland for
an SGGEE member who got records from Wilczyn 1860 and later.
Yes, this is Maślaki .

You will need to hire a researcher in Poland for the
marriage record of Wilhelm Weidner and Emilie Nickel.
There are no indices for Wilczyn available other than what
are in the archives.

Al Muth

On Thu, Dec 27, 2012 at 8:51 PM, Gordon Poley <gpoles2 at> wrote:

>  Greetings,
> My maternal grandmother, Elmira Weidner, was born in the
> Maslaki/Sompolno/Konin area in 1885.  Her parents were Wilhelm Weidner and
> Emily(Emilie) Nickel(Nikel).  Wilhelm died in 1922 on the family farm in
> Kierz which Emily possibly inherited.  Wilhelm was an orphan and reportedly
> grew up in a religious orphanage not knowing his parents.
> The only Wilhelm Weidner I have found was born in 1847 in Mielnica.  With
> the online Maslaki records and with the aid of the SGGEE databases and FHL
> films I have found his ancestor and sibling records.  This particular
> Wilhelm was orphaned at age 8.  There are several Emily Nickels in the
> records.  Without a marriage record and the birth records of their children
> I don’t know if I have the correct Wilhelm.  The children I know of are
> Gottlieb (1879), “Emma” (1881/1882), Henrietta (1883/1884), Elmira,
> Adolph(1890/1891), Emil (1894), Julius, and Ewald.  Henrietta, Julius, and
> Ewald all died in Poland.  The others all emigrated to the USA from
> 1896-1912
> A Gustav Weidner (1873/1874) and another Adolf Weidner (1877) also came to
> the USA and were probably related.  I have searched the Konin records and
> some of the Sompolno records, as well as, assorted Catholic parishes, but
> have not found any useful Weidner records.  I believe I have been searching
> the Russian records properly but maybe not.
> Unfortunately, the Maslaki records for the appropriate years are missing.
> Does anyone have information about any Weidners for these years and
> locales; indices for Sompolno for 1863-1867 and/or 1872-1877; or know if
> there are indices of the Wilczyn records available?
> Thanks in advance
> Gordon Poley
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