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Günther Böhm GHBoehm at ish.de
Sun Dec 30 03:12:05 PST 2012

Am 28.12.2012 21:51, schrieb DLPratt123 at aol.com:
> My grandparents surnamed Hirsekorn emigrated from Volhynia in 1906 and
> 1907.  The birth certificate for their son (from the Polish Baptist church  in
> Lucinow) is in Cyrillic, spelling the surname in a way that suggests that
> the  s was pronounced like the s in English `vision' or `pleasure'.  Do any of
>   you know of a German dialect in which `Hirse' would have been so
> pronounced?  (This would explain why others occasionally spelled the  surname as
> Hirschkorn.)
> Dan Pratt

Hello Dan,
there are 5 events of the spelling HIRSCHEKORN in the German telephone register, in comparision to 271 events of HIRSEKORN.
Striking is that three of the HIRSCHEKORN are bearing the Russian given names Ludmilla, Wadim and Tatjana, and that 
Tatjana's surname is elsewhere spelled HIRSEKORN.

In older books, I also found the spelling Hirschekorn for "grain of millet" (see in Google Books: Caspar Höffler, 
Nikolaus Jacob : Die rechte Bienenkunst ; Leipzig 1619, p. 211, and Johann Friedrich Rübel : Merkwürdigkeiten aus dem 
Reich der Natur ; Frankfurt / Leipzig 1762, p. 17).

The Russian spelling of the surname is Гирзекорн and it seems to be quite common.

Happy New Year,

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