[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Schiller ... Schultz.. Wolf family Radom & Lodz area.

Gene Markiewicz genemarkiewicz at aol.com
Fri Feb 3 16:12:27 PST 2012

Hello, I am researching my maternal ancestors who were Germans Living in
Russian Poland in the Radom/Lodz areas from mid 1800's until  1910 with one
family remaining until 1945 and a forced departure to Germany.  They were
Evangelical Augburgers. I have a passport, some passage records, US marriage
records, naturalization records and family history which provide names of
locations but none are definitive other than Radom where a passport was
issued from.


My grandparents Godfried Schiller born 10 April 1865  and Julianna Schultz
born 15 July 1872 married 23 November 1891 in or near Radom. They had four
female children born while living in Russian Poland  (three of which who
lived) before they emigrated to the US in 1899.  I have the families
passport issued from Radom and their passage record gives their last place
of residence as Checla and lists Godfried as a shoemaker.  The names of the
surviving girls were Amelia born 1 May 1892, Emma born 14 January 1895 and
Amelia born 8 January 1898.  Marie was the child who died but I do not have
a date.


Have virtually no history re Godfried's family and differing reports as to
whether he was born in Germany or born in Poland.


Julliana's father was Daniel Schultz born 18 January 1843 in Stanislawow
Lipic and buried in Lindow (no date). Her mother was Wilhemine Fuchs born 15
July 1843 in Marianow. Julianna had two brothers, Edward who was born in
1871 (unknown birth  location) and Friedrich born 18 June 1876 in Chalinow
per his US Marriage record (I suspect Helenow). Juliana also had one sister
named Barbara born 19 January 1874in Helenow kris Radom.  Barbara married
Ferdiand Wolf who was born 1861 in Lindow.


Using a variety of Gazeetters and Maps  I have plotted potential locations
for these named locations in the Lodz and Radom areas.  Now I am unsure as
to how to proceed.  I do not believe that Church Archives  for Luthern
Parish  in/around Radom exist and do now know specific Parishes for
potential  locations around Lodz.  I need some help!




Eugene Markiewicz

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