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On 04/02/2012 1:39 PM, Marvyl Ginter wrote:
Does this sound similar?

Sometime after September 20, 1874 and before May 18, 1875 the family 
moved from Poland to the province of Volhynia, Russia. Euphrosine had 
given birth to son Michael in Poland in 1874 and was Godmother at the 
1875 baptism of her nephew Adolf Altwasser in Shitomir Parish. We know 
they were settled in Johannisdorf by 1877 where two children, Adolf and 
Florentine were born. The St. Petersburg Archive extractions show a 
first recorded birth at Johannisdorf on May 11, 1865 and a last recorded 
birth at Johannisdorf on August 15, 1881. These dates suggest that the 
village may have had another name or did not exist prior to 1865. 
However, for sixteen years the German "Johannisdorf" was a community and 
it is believed that the name was changed to Janowka.

two maps on this page for *Kolonie Janiewka - Janiewka - Ludwipol - 
Johannisdorf - Kamionka*


Two Volhynian genealogists, Jerry Frank and Howard Krushel, have this to 
say on the subject. "According to a list in Wandering Volhynians, 
December 1990, Johannisdorf is also known as Zanowka and is located in 
the district of Ludwigpol, east of Rowno. Look at the Stumpp map in 
Wandering Volhynians, September 1990. On the left side , go up the 27 
degree line until it crosses the Slutch River. Right at that point, on 
the south side of the river is Ludwigpol. I have not been able to find a 
village called Zanowka on any map nor any list for Volhynia. However, 
there is a road from Ludwigpol that heads NW along the SW bank of the 
Slutsch River. A short 4-km up along that road is the village of Janowka 
and a further 2-km along is the village of Kolonie Janowka. In my 
opinion Zanowka is wrong and the place is probably Janowka or Kolonie 

Hope this helps.

Jack Milner
> Hi all,
> I have just become a new member and will start with asking about my great
> grandparents.  Gotfried Wilde states he was born 1858 in Janowka, Poland.  I
> am confused where Janowka is?  From the maps on the sggee website there are
> several Janowka towns.  I thought perhaps he was from the Kostopol county
> as his immigration record states his brother-in-law Emil Kurs (closest
> relative in old country) was from Janowka, Kostopol, Poland.  They also
> obtained their passports in Kostopol.  Gotfried married Rosalie Witzke (or
> Metke) àcan’t tell from a smudged record.  Rosalie was born abt 1870 in
> Janowka, Poland as well.  They had one daughter I know of.  Martha Wilde
> (my grandma).  She was born Sept 10, 1906 in W. Janowka, Poland (from her
> immigration record).  Her Canadian naturalization records state she was
> born in Tuczyn, Poland and also Janowka, Poland.  I am very confused about
> these village/county names. Would someone be able to help me understand
> whether they were parishes or villages or counties in Poland?
> Thank you,
> Marvyl Ginter
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