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You spelled the name "Henklemann", but very likely the Germanic spelling was "Henkelmann".

There are some "Henkelman" people listed, including a Gottfried, at Don Miller's http://www.inthemidstofwolves.com/articles/deportation1915.pdf. This lists identifies the names of the heads of the families, including the patronymic names (father’s name), and the family names of people whose land was to be expropriated by the government.  The names originally appeared in the Volhyn’s Gubernia News (No. 56) on June 2, 1916. In the newspaper article, the name of the village where the land was located and the amount of land expropriated is also given. Many of these families were forceably moved to the interior of Russia in 1915-1916. Some returned at the end of World War I (1918). The names in the original newspaper article were translated by Brent Mai and may be available in book form from the "American Historical Society of Germans from Russia" (http://www.ahsgr.org/index.htm).


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hello to all;

I am new here..I am trying to find information re: my
grandmother..Julianna hildebrandt ..married to Gottfried
Henklemann..she died on that journey (poss. in giving birth)
My grandfather and 4 daughters (including my Mother..Emma)  returned to Volyania around 1917..Any info.
would be greatly appreciated..

walter brust
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