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I don't know if this has something to do, but I found a GOTTFRIED NEUMAN
reference: he, wife MARIA, 2 sons and 2 daughters arrived in Brazil in 1891.
SHIP: Ohio. He was 42 yo. She was 35 yo.
They had German citizenship.

Regards from Brazil.

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Can you post the following on the listserve?

Re:  {Ger-Poland-Volhynia) (Surnames: Nehring-Neumann)

Can anyone help me locate Wilhelmine Nehring's (born in Magasin) marriage
and death record?  I believe she was the first wife of Gottfried Neumann.
He subsequently married Pauline Hein on June 14, 1881 but she also died in
August of 1881.

I have checked the St. Pete records for the Rozyszcze church but cannot
locate a marriage or death notice for Wilhelmine Nehring.  Thankfully a list
member confirmed the marriage information of Gottfried's second wife,
Pauline Hein, noting he was a widower.  

I saw a death notice for Emilie, born in 1874 in Clemntinow by Petrikau, but
she died in 1876, and it appears she may be Gottfried and Wilhelmine's
child.  Also, s second child, Wilhelmine was born in 1876 in Ostroima but
died in 1878 in Heimtal.  Is this Wilhelmine and Gottfried Neumann's child? 

I noted a child 'Pauline' was born in 1879 to a Gottfried N. in Sitschinek,
but the mother Wilhelmine was listed with no maiden name and I wonder if
this also was their third child.  I was not able to locate a death record
for this child. 

If anyone can find this in the church books, please let me know.
Betner at juno.com   

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