[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Old Russian maps

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Fri Feb 10 08:11:16 PST 2012

These are very difficult maps to use.  Familiarity with Poltova coordinates, Cyrillic script, etc. are required and it appears that the east / west coordinates don't properly match the grid map.

A better map to use:
Zhitomir - http://www.mapywig.org/m/wig300k/79_ZYTOMIERZ_1930.jpg
located just below centre towards the left side of the map.

Uljanowka is due west of Zhitomir, just near the left edge of the map.


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> Where in these maps can I find Zhitomir city, and Uljanowka 
> village (a few miles west of Zhitomir)? 
> Thanks, 
> Brandt Gibson
> Fife, WA
> I am happy to be able to announce that we are finally able to 
> download old
> Russian maps of the Russian empire. Gerhard Koenig informed 
> about the link
> to the Russian address:
> <http://metalloiskateli-info.ru/starinnye-karty/voennaya-
> trexverstnaya-karta
> />
> http://metalloiskateli-info.ru/starinnye-karty/voennaya-
> trexverstnaya-karta/
> When you go down on that page you will first see two overview maps
> indicating the positions of the maps and later the many links 
> for the
> download of the maps.
> The first colony of Germans in Volhynia Annette can be found on 
> map XXII
> nucm 6. All colonies bear the addition K., Kol. or Koloniya 
> before or after
> the village name. You will find Kol. Anety, Koloniya Yuzefiny, Kol.
> Natalindorf, Kol. Fridendorf and so on. It will be very 
> interesting to
> analyze which of the many colonies we know was mentioned on 
> these maps and
> is thus among the oldest.
> Gerhard advised to take out the cross in the toolbar as 
> otherwise that
> Russian toolbar would be installed.
> The maps have sizes from 10 to 20 MB, thus have pretty good quality.
> Greetings from Hamburg
> Frank (Stewner)
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