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Kenneth Browne kbrowne01518 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 16:08:28 PST 2012

I just found out that I am likely to have an opportunity to make a 
trip to Prague, Czech Republic in late February of 2013 for a family 
wedding and while there home to be able to spend a couple of weeks 
traipsing East to where my maternal great grandfather was born. I'd 
like to fill in my knowledge of my roots as to where they were located 
at the time of the events and where those same locations are today. 
Also I'd like to learn of any archives, graveyards, etc. where I might 
find traces of my great grandfather, his parents, his siblings that 
did not emigrate and settle in the U.S. and Canada.

Samuel Lachmann b. Sept 1865 in Rozhysche. He emigrated and settled in 
Chicago, IL in 1891. He was married 1.) Alvine Mroch d. 1902 and 2.) 
Mary Koch Schloman. His younger brother Andreas emigrated and settled 
in Steinbach, Manitoba about 1907 and was married to Lydia Mantei. To 
the best of my knowledge there were three siblings born before Samuel 
all of whom died in infancy or young childhood. Surviving siblings who 
(apparently) remained in Europe were Emilie, Daniel, Karl, and Juliane 
who were born in Antonielow, Vincentow, and Witschin between 1860 and 
1875. (I don't know if these place names represent what we would call 
a town, village, city though Antonielow and Vincentow seem to be 
somehow related to Kielce (next level of political organization???)

The parents were Johann Gottfried Lachmann and Juliana Josefa Wolf. He 
born in Peterkaschutz, Wroclaw, Poland and she in a village of Kielce. 
I believe they settled in/near Antonielow, Kielce, Poland as suggested 
by some documents that I have in Polish. I can't read Polish but the 
file names suggest b=birth, d=death and m=marriage?

The more I can learn about my ancestors the better I can plan what 
will be a whirlwind trip of probably 2-3 weeks. My wife and I traveled 
by train in 1999 on a vacation tour of Salzburg, Budapest, Prague, and 
Vienna and enjoyed that method of travel, staying in pensions/b&bs 
along the way. I'm guessing that we will start our trip in Prague (our 
daughter is getting married there) and after the wedding will embark 
on my genealogical quest. (dear wife does not share my enthusiasm for 
genealogy so I need to include some attractive spots for her as well. 
Any and all suggestions more than welcome.

Kenneth Browne researching: BROWN(E) LEIGHTON TAYLOR CLOUGH/CLUFF 

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