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On a touristing note and to follow up on Jerry's comment - Krakow is fabulous. I personally liked it better than Prague. If that's convenient to where you're visiting your ancestral towns, it's definitely some place that your wife would find interesting things to see/do. 

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I haven't been there yet but am planning a trip for later this year. 

Don't expect many tourism type sites if you go into Ukraine.? There is a palace at Olyka between Luck and Rowno but otherwise I suspect your time there will be with ancestral villages.? Also, don't expect pensions or b&bs there.? You will likely be staying in a hotel. 

If you are at all considering renting a car, you can do so in either country but you cannot transport it from one to the other because Ukraine is not an EU country.? Czech to Poland is probably OK.? Rail can work to and from certain locations.? Depends where you have to get to.? It did not work for me trying to get from Warsaw to Rowno because it involved a 6 hour change of trains layover in a small town at 2AM.? It is cheaper, easier, and faster to fly Warsaw to Kiev and then rent a car for the 5 hour drive to Rowno. 

Poland is a bit better.? More tourist sites for you wife are found there.? Krackow is apparently a nice city and might be a good spot for day trips to the famous salt mine with its huge underground church and sculptures, Auschwitz, the Black Madonna at Czestochowa, the mountains to the south, the Kielce region for your villages, etc. 


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