[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Wollingen location - border?

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I'm not the expert here, but I agree with those who are - I believe that  
must be Wolhynien - because of the sound - which is not the English-speaking  
sound.  The court clerk writing that down probably did not have it spelled  
out for him - he only heard it, and likely did not know the language he was 
 listening to.    Sadly, Americans aren't big on languages - and  that 
includes English now.   
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Am  15.02.2012 21:18, schrieb marmel:
> Interestingly, on his DOI&   Petition for Naturalization he lists his 
birthplace as Wolligen, and also his  last foreign residence as Wollingen, 
Russia.  Digging the internet I  found only one reference for Wollingen that 
made sense, at  websitewww.de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baruchowo  , which lists 15 
mayor's  districts included in the Landgemeinde of Baruchowo in the southern 
tip of the  Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship, including the village of Boza 
Wola (1943-1945  Wollingen), located about 23km (14 mi) southeast of Wloclawek 
and 75 km (47  mi) SE of Torún.

Hello Marmel,
how about Wolhynien instead of  Wollingen?
I think it is the most obvious, albeit disappointing  possibility.

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