[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Novina Luthern Church near Gorodniza?

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According to Ulrich Mertens, "Handbuch Russland-Deutsche (Mit Ortsverzeichnis Ehemaliger Siedlungsgebiete)", there was a Gorodnice, also known as Horodniza, in Volhynia.  I believe that Horodniza has been discussed in this forum before. You might search for it.  Incidentally, the Russian language does not use an "H"; Russians use a "G" for "H".


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I'm researching my grandfather and I believe he was confirmed in the Novina
Luthern Church in 1910. I believe he was born in a place called Gorodniza.

My problem stems that as the years went on he would change his birth place
from one thing to another. I believe this was because he knew the names of
the places where change in the early 1900's.

For example, his confirmation in 1910 looks like he was from Gvodnizer???,
Three years later - - it looks like he says - Groefabur, Russia
In 1918 he says Furman Diubon, Russia or Ferman Deuboy

It seems clear that he was confirmed in 1910 in Novina....at least that is
how I read his confirmation.

I've created the following page that shows just about everything I know
about him including copies of the documents that list these different
places. My hope is to find some city that I can at least say he came from
and what it's call today.

Feel free to look at the link and if you can provide any assistance it
would be appreciated.

Link to his information - http://www.schmidt-family.com/schmidt/

Thanks - Drew Schmidt
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