[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Novina Luthern Church near Gorodniza?

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Pastor Woldemar Alexander Schlupp served the Lutzk parish from 1904 to 1911.
Of the 4 Nowiny villages there was one in the Kreis Lutzk, and Wolost
Schtschurin. As well the kreis(district) of Lutzk had a place called
Gorodniza; so I would suggest that the Lutzk parish is where your ancestors
Howard Krushel  

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Starting with the confirmation record, I think the place of baptism is
fairly clearly written as Gorodniza (not Gvodnizer as you suggest).  My
problem is with the place for the confirmation.  It starts as Nowi . . but I
am not sure of the ending.  Perhaps someone more fluent in old German script
can help with that.

In any case, there does not seem to be parish with that name in Russian
Poland or in Volhynia.  

There are two Grodnica (a close match to Gorodniza where a c in Polish has a
tz sound) in modern Poland.  One of these is in Posen.  I wonder if the
church was also there rather than in Russian Poland.  Neither of the two
locations would fit Russian nationality though.  

It is possible that it was Gorodnica in Volhynia but it would be most
helpful if someone could get a better handle on the church name.  Perhaps
knowing the name of the Pastor as signed would help in figuring out the
church location.  

It is difficult to explain the various spellings and different names given
for a place of birth.  The death certificate even suggests it was East
Prussia.  Most of these supplemental documents should be considered
relatively unreliable.  The Confirmation record is the one closest to the
birth event and is probably the most reliable.  The marriage record is
second most reliable which simply states birth location as Germany which
would fit the Posen info above.  


Info on the Uhrich / Schmidt family is a little easier to pinpoint. 
Oglendow was a village in the Kielce Parish of Russian Poland.  You can find
out about available church books on this page 


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> Folks,
> I'm researching my grandfather and I believe he was confirmed in 
> the Novina
> Luthern Church in 1910. I believe he was born in a place called 
> Gorodniza.
> My problem stems that as the years went on he would change his 
> birth place
> from one thing to another. I believe this was because he knew 
> the names of
> the places where change in the early 1900's.
> For example, his confirmation in 1910 looks like he was from 
> Gvodnizer???,Russia.
> Three years later - - it looks like he says - Groefabur, Russia
> In 1918 he says Furman Diubon, Russia or Ferman Deuboy
> It seems clear that he was confirmed in 1910 in Novina....at 
> least that is
> how I read his confirmation.
> I've created the following page that shows just about everything 
> I know
> about him including copies of the documents that list these different
> places. My hope is to find some city that I can at least say he 
> came from
> and what it's call today.
> Feel free to look at the link and if you can provide any 
> assistance it
> would be appreciated.
> Link to his information - http://www.schmidt-family.com/schmidt/
> Thanks - Drew Schmidt
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