[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Emigration from Wuerttemberg

Carol thejoneses at shaw.ca
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Thanks to those who offered a transcription of old German for me, and the 
member who did the transcribing.

I think the passage in question may have come from a book written by Max 
Miller about 1939, pages 198 to 202, about the Wuerch family immigrating 
from Bietigheim, Wuerttemberg to Kochanow, Poland in 1812, listing progeny 
and citing baptismal certificates.  Again, that would be four pages to 
translate from old German.  I will have to try Yahoo Group, as one member 

Carol Jones researching "Which Wurch/Werch/Wuerch/Wirch/Wuirch is which"

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Carol: I have in my own library, which was started long before SGGEE's, a
copy of Max Miller's German book, "the emigration of Wuerttemburgers to West
Prussia and the Netze river area"(originally published in 1935); the book
has an index; who are you looking for?
Howard Krushel

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BlankI have a partial newspaper article written in old German by Max Miller
consisting of about 20 lines and was wondering if anyone could translate it
to English for me.

I am also wondering if SGGEE's library has any of Max Miller's (1901-1973)
articles.  Apparently they can be found in the State Archive of
Baden-Wuerttemberg or Central State Archive Stuttgart, if they're not one
and the same thing.  However, I guess the articles would be written in
German, thereby problematic for me.  I don't think Google translates old

Carol Jones researching "Which Wurch/Werch/Wuerch/Wirch/Wuirch is which"

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