[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Some unanswered questions

Carol Duff carolduff at me.com
Wed Feb 29 20:52:40 PST 2012

Three of my grandmother's siblings came to Canada with her and her grandmother. Four siblings did not.
Matilde Schumann born 1882 in Boguslawka, Volhynia
Auguste Pauline Schumann born 1882 in Boguslawka, Volhynia, died 1887 Boguslawka, K. Lutzk
Carl Schumann born 17 Apr 1884 in Boguslawka, Volynia, died 1887 Boguslawka, K. Lutzk
Friedrich Schumann born 1885 i n Boguslawka, Volhynia, died 1887 Boguslawka, K. Lutzk

Matilde did not come with the rest of the family in 1902. She would have been old enough to marry if still alive. What is the possibility of her being alive at this time?

One more child was born in Boguslawka, Emma in 1888. I do not know where the other three children were born: Ida, Gustav and Minna. Minna was said to have been born in Eichfier and her father in Dolfusbruch, West Prussia but I have not been able to find proof of that.

parents name misspelled on marriage record: 
August Schuhmann married Auguste Freimann 29 August 1880. Film 2380027/1880, page 30, register 152 married in Rozyszcze. I have no knowledge where the parents died, except family lore that says that the last parent, mother Auguste Freimann Schumann died in Stieglitz in 1902. 

Also there were five adult male Schumanns living in Rozyszcze in 1887,1888. Is there a possibility that they are brothers or cousins?  I have not found any proof of connection 

Any suggestions that you might give me would be appreciated. 

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