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I want to share this information on changes to the subscription feature for
23andMe DNA tests.  I have had quite close matches to several SGGEE members
which is what I was hoping would happen.  Now we can try to find where the
connection is and that's going to be some fun.  Anyway, for those who have
completed this DNA test, the following was recently posted:


- No changes will be made to any accounts until July 31, 2012. If your
subscription is set to expire before then, you will continue to receive
updates and will not be charged for the additional time. For those who have
continued commitments, those will continue. After July 31, 2012, if your
account has met it's commitments, you will have the option of subscribing,
buying a Lifetime subscription or canceling your subscription. 

- Over the next six months 23andMe is putting substantial resources into
Ancestry. By end of July, we will create an experience for non-subscribing
customers as well as subscribing customers. Non-subscribing customers will
have access to the health reports, Relative Finder matches and other
ancestry tools that existed while they were subscribing. They will not get
access to new or updated reports, new or updated relative finder matches or
new features. We are acknowledging now that we have plans to improve and
iterate on our ancestry features and that the way the data is presented will
likely change. The fundamental data should remain accessible but exactly how
it looks and in what features it appears, will likely change. 

- Customers will not be removed from the Relative Finder database unless
they specifically opt out. The 23andMe team is working on creating an
experience where subscribing customers will be able to find relatives among
subscribers and non-subscribers (assuming they have not opted out). The
exact details are still to be determined. Be assured that we understand that
Relative Finder is an extremely important feature and we are working hard to
make sure we give you the best possible experience. 

- We will be engaging with leaders from the ancestry community to do our
best to create products that meet your needs. CeCe Moore will be leading
this initiative with us and we will look to engage many more of you. 

- For customers who purchased a subscription before 12/21/11, you will have
the opportunity to upgrade to a Lifetime subscription for $99 for 30 days
after you have met your commitment. If you had already completed your
commitment by 7/31/12, you will have until 8/30/12 to purchase the Lifetime
upgrade for $99. Upgrades to Lifetime subscription are normally $299. A
Lifetime subscription will enable you to retain full access to all the data
and tools for the life of the v3 product. We have no immediate plans for v4
and we always try to do as much as we can to make all our features work on
all our platforms. v2 customers still have the majority of our

- For customers who have more than three profiles in one account, we
recognize the subscription fees can cause financial pain. We hear the
concerns and need more time to find the right solution. We will be talking
with CeCe Moore and other active community members to find the right
solution for those with more than three profiles. 

- If you originally opted to store your sample with us, and you later cancel
your subscription, your stored sample may be discarded. 

- If you choose to cancel, you will be able to download your Raw Data but
will not be able to use the Browse Raw Data feature. 

The 23andMe team has doubled in size in 2011 and is running full speed
making changes, developing new tools and improving the service. Ancestry
will be a significant focus for us in 2012. You should expect to see more
labs, significant improvements to many of the ancestry services and some new
ancestry-related features.

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