[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Bleschke- Einwandererkartei, 1939-1945

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Where exactly did they live? There are no Bleschke or Bleszko in the EWZ files of ODL so they apparently weren't in the Soviet Union.

Are you sure they became German citizens through EWZ?

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I am trying to find Bleschke on the Family History Center's microfilm for  Einwandererkartei, 1939-1945. I have already looked under

Blazinc, Karl-Blechner, Elisabeth
Vault INTL Film

Blechner, Elisabeth-Bletsch, Berta
Vault INTL Film
I saw on http://sggee.org/research/AlternateSurnamesDatabaseSubstantiated.pdf that Bleschke also can be spelled Bleszko. I did not see any entries for Bleszko.
Does anyone have any suggestions how to find this name on these films?
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